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  1. Finally someones saying the right words. Repent. No matter what the United States wealth is and your standard of living, the most of the rest of the world is afflicted and struggling in third world conditions. Lord please bless me with a brand new car, house, success! Meanwhile they need water that is clean and food. Prophesy how He is going to bless us! Forget the needy… thats the attitude lately. Meanwhile they are planning to destroy us from inside out. Sell your wealth for good service of others. Its the camel through the eye of the needle. Hell is what is coming! The dividing line. Who cares of your conditions here.Walk in purity and truth with your hand in Christs hand.  Store for yourselves treasure in eterity! Stop the hipocracy in the Body of Christ and sell your soul to Jesus not worldly perservation and possesions. Speak from your compassion and love put in your heart with humility not boasting words of your own under Gods name. Who needs to be a prophet when we need the Gospel spoken instead. Let the Holy Ghost unction you to witness and soulwin and repent.He will speak if needed. No wonder non Christians are scared by the Church. Get like Saul to Paul. SOLD OUT to Jesus and share his love and bear His burden to let the world know he forgives and stop focusing on money and gain or times and date.Its the Cross that we need to focus on. Yes the girts are great and real but come on believers!

  2. I have only responded once to any of the prophecies on this site or any other and today I feel compelled to respond again.
    Thank you for this message.
    I believe that as Christians we must protect our witness.
    When we just say things and say that is from the Lord and those things either don’t come to pass or don’t line up with the Word it destroys not only our personal witness to others but it affects the witness of all Christians.
    God is love and if our core message is founded by that one truth we can change the world.
    I pray for all prophets that they seek God and display his love.
    The Bible says that it is the goodness of God that leads to repentance so even if disaster is impending than we must reveal his love to people not a spirit of fear.

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