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  1. 7 x 7 times we must forgive.
    My sisters and brothers here: I want to apologize that I wrote, I`d regret having shared from my heart or experiences. This is not the full truth. I want you to know: I am grateful for this page. Much happened since I first time found your page, and it is a PRECIOUS page !
    Please forgive me where I was wrong. The LORD`s PRAYER tells us:
    “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors”. Amen and Amen.

    • Dear one, I want to tell you in all honesty what I received in my heart after your comments here.
      First of all, I want you to read the word again ok?  It is the Lord who talks to us… and He says I want to take those (He calls to minister) to the streets to show HIM to those who are homeless and without hope!  To the hospitals where He can heal and deliver! 
      He does NOT say those who are homeless and seek for help bring them back to the street!  But HE wants us to take HIM into the places where is darkness and where HE wants to shine HIS light….
      Please pray and ask for help of His Spirit before you read and comment.
      Secondly I tried to find a way to reply to you in private.  But all your accounts on Google+ and Youtube are sealed with walls… If you comment underneath words which the Lord wants to send through His voices make sure they can write you in private!  Be open for correction which must be given in private!  So you can pray about it!Andlast but for certain not least I recommend this word: received by another apostle in HIS Kindom.  Yeshua (Jesus) teaches us: receive those I send as if you receive ME!
      May the Lord bless you precious one!  And ofcourse always forgiven. As He forgave us all!
      Bless you! Catharina Meijer

  2. Dear sister ! Do you know that I have been on the streets for the homeless ? I gave one shelter since last Christmas, over and over during 2016. He sometimes brought very dirty friends along with him. They very all so grateful. Isaiah 58 tells God`s people how to deal with homeless and those in needs. I had to serve them, washed their clothes, gave them bathroom, bed and food and walked many miles with them to community officials, doctors and drug organisations. This almost exhausted me. Also I worked full time job 7 months in this year, always unter high pressure AND oppressions from every sides.
    Be grateful for your loved ones, and yes, you are. God bless you and Johan ! When caring brethren call for “higher” callings or duties – and they come, no matter if it is a job above the clouds or not – so please do not tell your brethren they should go back to the streets. 2 days ago I saw him again, he found through my help and love by actions a public shelter and medical treatment, and he was so very very glad to see me again. I spent an hour with him on the cold railway station again.
    I regret that I ever shared anything from my heart here. Soon I will be deleting my google+ page for ever. I am sure, this will also be misinterpreted. This world is on the edge of going down. I have done my task. I gave my best. All is said and done.

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