God is going to Expose! — 1 Comment

  1. I was sitting in my room this morning and began to pray and felt that there were some things hiding and lurking that God was going to expose. I kept praying God expose every hidden thing, every lurking thing. Then I began to pray for those who are spiritually blind. Then fire and what it was and could do came to me.  In the hands of fire is destructive, but in God’s hands though it’s powerful, it is controlled, and has purpose. So I prayed that wrong images we have all been exposed to would be burned away so spiritually blind eyes could be opened. I am not in ministry and do not hold any titles or positions. So, I was searching for Biblical foundation online of what I was feeling about exposure. So Ephesians 5:13 and I Cor 4: 5 scriptures came up. Then I searched God is going to expose and came across your Nov 24 post. This is completely what I was feeling. I have been reading your other post and you are truly a blessing. God bless you.

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