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God’s Promotion for Demotion — 3 Comments

  1. So wisely said.
    “Because of their deception and false illusion of themselves ! ! ! of who they think you are (less than or a nobody), they reduce who you are as a defense mechanism, in order to allow themselves to feel better about themselves.”
    That’s the old game, and in groups they practise it even worse. Society is full of groups, gangs, from kindergarden on. Dangerous are the secret groups. GOD never wanted hidden governments, shadow reign or dark govs. Our Creator’s plans and desires to the entire world, for all societies, are public and true. World history written in the Holy Scriptures – openly, clear and honest. Jesus and His followers do not need to hide. What Jesus did and His task on earth as in heaven, is now made known public until the end of the world, even to the very last corners of the earth. CHRIST-ians are surely not nobodies. Many on this planet don’t like the authority we have with JESUS CHRIST. Throughout history that’s always been very obvious: GOD’s WORD and GOD’s PEOPLE were and are under attacks and will be, until JESUS CHRIST RETURNS and makes definitely clear, WHO has the last word. It is HE, and we together with HIM.

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