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Our GPS : God’s Path of Shalom — 3 Comments

  1. Again you saw what happened, often in exact detail. Sister, and all my true sisters and brothers who read this: Evil things happened again, today against my GPS car system. It is a new car (rented by leasing contract) it does not have any technical issues. Again hidden forces tried to des-orientate me, to confuse, to steal time and to prevent me from being on time at work. I drove this morning 50 miles one way, for a short task, and usually no problem in following any navigation system. How often did I get mocked while driving in traffic: They set my home country in, say, go to Berlin, or they just place in funny names and do not let me type the place where I have to with work schedule.
    Sometimes they chage exact into opposite direction. Brothers and sisters, I do not want revenge through this report. Please pray for me that they immediately must stop their evildoings. Since many years hidden strategists purposely want to cause chaos and trauma. I truly did not want to tell any more about their terror games, but the headline about GPS and your vision… hit the nail ! Thank you for every loving caring prayer and comfort !!!

  2. Thank You Abba!!
    Bless your beautiful heart Deborah.
    His Word through You has astounded me practically every time. What a blessing you have been.
    Thank you!!

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