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  1. Very encouraging!
    ‘KEEP praying, KEEP speaking the Word, KEEP up the good fight of faith, Dear One of Mine.
    KEEP your eyes upon your Savior.  Trust in Me with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.
    SEE your victory by faith and rejoice.
    KEEP standing on My Promises.  They are YES and AMEN.
    I AM faithful who has promised.  Lift up your shield of faith and strike the enemy with the Sword of the Spirit!
    Your toil of love will not be in vain.  My Right Hand and My Arm and the Light of My Presence shall save you.’

  2. God reveals Himself through numbers. Look for Him everywhere.
    I’ve been seeing 4, 44, and 444 everywhere all the time.
    The other day my son came out of his room and handed me a ceramic hockey player my mom made 20 years ago for my daughter who was playing the sport at the time. I’ve since lost her in a horrible tragedy. The number on the back of the players jersey is 4. It was my daughters number.
    I’ve prayed and prayed “God please show me what this means!!”
    I love His Word through you so much Deborah that I can’t think of a more beautiful way He could have revealed this meaning to me.
    God bless your beautiful heart❤

  3. Dear Sandra
    I am a little “shocked” by this. I not only can answer that question, I MUST ! Today, on that sunny Sunday afternoon, I went out to sit quiet near the lake. An old lady passed by, obviously over 80, her white hair done well, she crossed the little path. She had such a thin body, so very thin legs, wearing white nylon leggins, white high heels, all watched after her, but only I dared to greet her. She was that type of ballerina dancer. She did not greet back. I watched how she went very far to the end of the railway station, weary, lonely. She was dressed very old fashioned but obvious for all to see, dressed in her best robe. She did not greet back. Somehow I thought, I hope she does not jump before a train. She went to a place so far on the station where usually nobody goes. So I stood up, slowly followed her, and when she noticed me, I asked: “Hello lady, are these flowers Lilies on your dress ? They are beautiful !” She said “Thank you for the complement”. I then showed her my profile picture of white and pink-purple lilies, picture taken yesterday at my kitchen table. Just 5 dollar lilies, but they bloom and smell amazing. She said she notices, I am a good person and she said, the flowers do not bloom everywhere…only in good places and if you care for them well. Long story short: I then wanted to give her my best pocket Bible in white colour. I read just shortly before I met her. She said she goes every Sunday to church, to an 11:11 church service. WHAT ???
    She said she has a Bible, and she gave me a card from that church. So Sandra, you ask what 11:11 means: Read your Bible, and/or go to a good church. Care for the lonesome.
    She said, she appreciates that I offered my time for her. She has been doing this for many others, too. And she said, no, she does not jump before a train, because she saw survivors of this. 
    On my way home in the bus I read sister Deborah’s RIGHT ON TIME VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE, and wow, your comment and question hit the nail !
    Deborah – one day our good LORD will show you how I needed your comfort today. More I can’t tell public.

  4. 1111 simply put means to manifest, or manifestation obviously it is a message from her what it means is between her, you and Spirit. It it always for the betterment of or for the individual. For no two people are the same for no two paths are precisely the same it is entirely up to you, my advise “trust your intuition.”

    It is one more in combination of these three things

    Spiritual wealth
    Emotional wealth
    Material wealth

  5. Hello, three years ago , my beautiful Mother passed away. She is with the Lord. Well at the very end of planning my Mothers funeral arrangements with funeral director,as our family were standing up from the chairs to leave the funeral home, the Director said Mrs.Laird, I have only one more question to ask you, the report shows 11:11 am for your Mother’s passing away. Now I am the middle sibling, so why he addressed only me about the time, well I just do not know.. anyway I responded with , is that the time the doctor wrote down, he said yes ma’am, I said then yes he knew what the exact time was, I didn’t. Well after that , I kept seeing 11:11 everyday two to 3 or 4 times a day.. about two months or so after my Mothers passing away,my sister asked mne to lunch. When I walked up to the table to meet and eat lunch with my sister, she stood up and greeted me and the first thing she said was Sandra I have a question for you, have you been seeing a certain number, before I could answer her ,she blurted out the answer.. she said like 11:11 ..I was blown away, and said YES Sheila, I’ve seen it or heard it several times a day since we talked to rhe funeral director. She didn’t know the funeral director asked me that question. She asked me what did the number 11:11 meant? I told her I didn’t know. Please share with me, any light you can shed on what 11:11 might mean. And why both my sister and I why we have seen it every since my Mother went home to Jesus.
    Thank you, Sandra

    • I’ve heard it is the number signifying protection of God thru angels. That he’s actively protecting you.

    • God speaks through number throughout the whole Bible.
      Please read Doug Addison article: Seeing 11:11 or 1:11?
      One is the number of transition.

      Also on Elijah List
      From Edie Bayer “Have you been seeing numbers everywhere?”
      Hope this helps.

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