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HE is Separating the Wheat From the Tares! — 5 Comments

  1. Greetings. As Holy Spirit dropped the need to share Matthew 13:24-30 on social media, I found your site.
    Blessed are your words and the power of the prophetic enriches those who are obedient and get what is happening.
    I am a “God’s Poet” He has blessed me with prophetic poetry for this season in the earth.
    I receive this assignment and share it wherever led.
    Bless you mightily in this season. I know the challenge is upon those who are bold and ready!

    The Paradigm Shift
    It’s moving – time and things
    But temporary is their existence
    The shifting at dawn – the settling at night fall
    Preparation is at play
    Prophesy is the paradigm of the day
    And your assignment in the shift is…
    Player or a prayer
    Character in the cause
    Or canceling out the crises
    Before each player falls
    Into the systemic circumstance of the paradigm shift
    The prevailing performance of a prophetic plan at play
    I say find your assignment stay and pray
    Find your assignment stay and pray…and pray and pray
    For the paradigm in the shift of time and prophecy is in play

    “…many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase” Daniel 12:4

  2. This is definitely mine and I receive it in the glorious name of our Messiah and Saviour. Thank you sister.

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