He is Setting Us Free to Fly! — 3 Comments

  1. I agree and receive most everything you say except that the authority structure that Heaven and the enemy operate under was created by God.  It is only God Himself who has the authority to tear down a stronghold.  We must work and pray within the structure and order that He created.  The late John Paul Jackson detailed God’s authority structure in his book, Needless Casualties of War.  In the book he gives much scripture detailing God’s order and the consequences that can come about by believers who fail to follow God’s authority structure. In the end, many of those believers when confronted with their lack of respect to God’s authority, repented and God restored them and their ministries. Spiritual warfare must be conducted in compliance to God’s Rules of Order.

    • Dear W.H. Campbell can you believe that it IS the Lord who is speaking? I only write down what HE declares ;) Tiny instruments in HIS hands that are ministries and Kingdom leaders! HE is working SERVING through them. I pray some scales will be removed from your eyes! And if you can understand His voices….. May I suggest you ASK HIM is she wrong Father or is it YOU who is speaking? I simply say without any shadow of doubt HE will CONFIRM me.HIS SPIRIT dwells through me as I died to self completely and do not DARE to change one word what HE is writing upon my heart! ;)
      May Abba ( father) bless you!

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