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Hold on and Receive your crown — 3 Comments

  1. Wow! This is so powerful!Thank you for the word of encouragement my beloved sister. God bless you!

  2. Thank youfor this most recent word, because it is truly Timely. I thank God the Holy Spirit. Honestly after reading one of the messages on the 28th, it grieved my spirit so that I was tempted to respond, until I immediately read your word about not being moved by things, words or situations that may try & still your peace. The acuser of the brethern is being exposed like never before- Glory to God! I thought Wow, because you know when words are coming from someone’s personal thoughts, opinions, or political preferences by the gift of discerning of spirits. So thank you again & God is always on time. This is confirmation that God is dealing with “Matters of the Heart” in this hour, especially the Church- because Judgement starts with us first & We are to lead by Example, particularly those who profess & are Called to the 5 Fold Ministry. God Bless you my Sister & you are always on POINT & May you continue to Walk in rhe Spirit & Share your Gifts in “LOVE!”

    Salt & Light,
    Minister Mary Byrd

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