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  1. I was just spoken over by a true msn of God. He said I was a Spirit Walker. After reading your information I am so excited to know mire about God’s plan for my life. Would love to get your book. Is it still available?

    • Thanks Evelyn, I am sorry but I do not have any books to sell.  Nor do I have any books.  All I have is teachings and words, which I do offer free of charge to anyone who wants them.  Some time ago, the Lord told me that I could write books but I could not sell them.  He said Freely come, Freely Go. 
      So I can only offer things I have written.  I have lot of writings on Facebook on my Ken Dewey Page.. and I do as well have some teachings [not all] on my website… http://www.desertzion.com
      If I can farther help you find some more writings please let me know which ones your interested in and maybe I can point you to some. 
      God Bless you, Ken Dewey

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