How We Overcome the Enemy in Our Lives!


Powerful Prophetic Dream:  The Sword of the Spirit

There are two powerful prophetic dreams I would like to share with you over the next few days.  The first one is not my own, but that of Zigi Oblander who shared a vivid experience she had with God in the ’80’s.

Revival LivingI used it in my book “Revival Living” to illustrate how we overcome the enemy when we begin operating in Union with Christ and His Anointing in our lives.  It is something every believer ought to read and experience.  It’s our only way to defeat satan with the Power of God’s Anointed Presence in our lives.

The following is an in-season Word extracted from, “Revival Living” – published in 2013.

“… I would like to share with you a dream that was shared by Zigi Oblander in South Africa in the 1980’s telling of a real and vivid experience she had with the Sword of the Holy Spirit, to practically illustrate the principle of Union with Christ –
“… as I continued dreaming, I suddenly entered a place of total darkness.
It was the darkest place I have ever seen.  I was surrounded by powerful demonic forces, and found myself in the middle of a severe battle for my life.
I fought as hard as I could, but it just seemed impossible to win, the battle got very hot and as I was fighting my sword was knocked out my hand.
For a moment I thought it was all over, I was exhausted, and now without a sword.  Then suddenly I felt someone pull me through a door and rescue me into a room I never knew was there.
The room was the exact opposite of the darkness that I had just come from – It was a room filled with Pure Light!
As I looked around me, I could see row upon row of different kinds of weapons.  I realized that I had been brought into Heaven’s armory room.  The angel that had rescued me, stood next to me, and told me to choose a new weapon for myself before I would return to battle.
I walked down the many rows of swords, trying out one after another.  Suddenly I saw a Sword that was different from all the others, it was a Sword of Fire!  I walked over and wanted to pick it up, but as soon as I touched it, but it burned my hand and I instinctively let go!
I chose another weapon and a few moments later I was back in the darkness, fighting off the enemy.
This time the number of forces coming against me seemed to have doubled and was stronger than ever before.  I fought all I could, but it was not long before I soon fell to my knees in exhaustion!
Again I was pulled back into the room of Light.  I chose a new weapon, hoping that this would give the victory and went back to fight, only to be defeated again, and again!
After several attempts and failure and having found myself being rescued again.  I finally walked back to the Sword of Fire.  I knew that this would be the only Weapon that would be able to defeat the enemy and win the battle.  I was determined not to leave it again!
As I took hold of it, the Fire began burning my hand with such an intensity that I almost thought I would not be able to keep holding it, but I just did!
Then something incredible happened!  As the burning heat intensified in my hand, the Sword melted into my hand and became a part of my arm!
I prepared to step out of the room of Light into the darkness this time, ready to face the enemy! – This time I knew I had the victory!
When I stepped out of the room to face the darkness and the enemy once more – I found to my surprise, that there was no more darkness at all!  The enemy had fled the field and there was no one to face!”

– Zigi

* * * * *

This wonderful dream could not be a more vivid presentation of how we overcome the enemy in our own lives!

Here we can clearly see and learn the secret of entering the Life of God in the Spirit.  The Life satan fears beyond all else, that renders him powerless and puts him to flight!

The most important lesson any man or woman could ever learn is that satan fears the Anointing and nothing else!

We may muster all our strength, know our Bible verses one by one, make declarations over ourselves, “watch our words” so we only “speak life,” put the whole armour on, anoint ourselves with oil from head to toe, write scriptures under our shoes and even fight with the weapons of prayer and faith and all else Heaven provides

But if we fail to fight in the Power of the Spirit – we have failed before we ever began!

God’s weaponry is only effective when it is in His Hand and when it is wielded by His Spirit, in His Power.

It is His Armour, His Sword, His Spirit, His Faith, His Righteousness, and His Blood!


~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der HovenJohann van der Hoven is in South Africa.  He has been serving the Lord in ministry since 1991 and has hosted numerous apostolic revival meetings in South Africa and in South America.  He also currently pioneers a organic church planting movement across South Africa.  For more information about him and his ministry visit Fellowship of Believers or Revival.

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