I AM Here For You! — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this little story. I had some of these “small” experiences during the past week at work. Many elderly wear very tight anti-thrombose-socks. Always a challenge to put them on to the clients. I never scratched holes into these expensive knee socks, but it is a work you need strength and sensitivity, both. Some seniors have chronic knee and feet pain and you need to be extra careful. And they are watching… and they are speaking to others who does it better or worse in the team… BUT GOD… I dared to speak a more or less loud prayer, and it worked ! After it I said “Thank You, Lord. I knew I can rely on You”. Don’t misinterpret it anybody: I ususally do not dare to do so in front of others. In similar situations I prayed before I went in to the rooms. Restrooms, dining rooms etc. God is such a loving God. He is 24/7 with me, and with all who honour Him.

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