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I AM Releasing My Eagles! — 2 Comments

  1. Amen. Thank you Jesus for releasing me as an eagle.My time has come to fly at Great Heights! .Honey drops i.e. your words will flow from my tongue that draws many to your Kingdom.With your mighty Hand upon me signs and wonders will follow.I will be a star.Glory to Jesus.

  2. Hallelujah !!! I am Soaring High Above the Clouds in Glory, I Am An Eagle.
    Thank you for the Release Abba my Daddy, for my set time to fly has come.
    I cry unto the World, Behold Your God !! Behold Your God !!! It Is I Who Live Forever More !! Look unto me, I’m Alive. I’m here, Come unto me. Great Wonders, Signs, & Miracles, thou Shall see, for these are the days, I Shall draw many, as you Shall See My Mighty Hands, Move in Power, and in Demostrations, and All who Cry out unto me, Shall be Saved, says the living God of Host. Behold the Beauty of the Lord, Behold his Mighty Works, I Am that I AM, there is No other besides me. I have set before thee Life and Death Choose Life, for I desire All to come unto me, says the Father. Amen !!!!!!!

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