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I AM Stretching You to Use You — 3 Comments

  1. Plateau? Yes. I had a dream of late, the Holy Spirit Himself led me upwards to the plateau. I reached there and paused. As I surveyed its surroundings, I said to the Lord my God: “I couldn’t stay at that juncture for long even if I wanted to. It’s just a plateau with nothing on it.” All of a sudden, a shift occurred at that instant, I was being lifted up to see a panoramic view of the land. Yes, Lord. By faith in the Lord , I claim that new spacious fruitful land for Your Kingdom Sake.

  2. Dear brother Chuck, After reading Day 1, I said: “Lord, sound the Shofar! Sound the Shofar! Sound the Shofar!”

    Then I read Day 2 now, about the Lord stretching, I was reminded about the shoe stretcher, that device used to stretch shoes!  Then I read about the briars, and I am being reminded about the pioneers, the forerunners!  Our God is truly speaking! Hallelujah!  Yes, Lord, send forth Your Word, Lord!

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