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I See a Roller Coaster for 2017! — 2 Comments

  1. This is awesome. Everything you said prophetical was a word for word confirmation of what the Lord has given me over the past 5 years. I truely believe that this is THE year that will usher in the prophecy of Joel-“For in the last days…”. It feels as if my hubby and I joined the Children of Israel and have wondered around in the desert now for quiet some time. We have had the manna and quail but man we want to see the Glory upmon that mountain-we want to go so high that the oxygen level changes-the place where the Shakian Glory is- the place where when he passes by you say like Moses-oh Lord just let me see your back after you pass- a true encounter with Jehovah that changes your ENTIRE mind, soul and body- this will be the year of the more than enough- the seeds planted, as he said will burst forth in great harvest-get the barns and silos ready because it is more than you can contain- this will be a year reconciliation in families and financial aspects- be ready my people be ready – saith the Lord

  2. Thank you Abba God, Yes, I’m ready for the ride of my life. Ready for the harvest to transpire as I continue to be steadfast in you on the roller coaster ride of my life, for this is my Victory New Year in 2017. I declare and decree I will soar to highest heights in all you have predestine for me to be. I will be a lender and not a borrower, a blessing to all, blessed beyond my wildest imaginations for it is settled a done deal. This is a sure word indeed, and I hear you. Yes my harvest promised in 2016 is not a failed harvest, it surely will come into fruition in a suddenly as you have spoken it to me. I will continue to plant, to water, to attend to the plowing, and waiting upon you, for this will be the year my eyes will see the fruits of my labors, and it will be coming in acceleration of speed, for this is the promise. This is the word of God, and it shall not return unto me void. A done settled word of the most high God. Amen.

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