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I See You My Child! I See You! — 3 Comments

  1. Confirmation about STRENGTH: Today a 90 year old lady said to me after I had put on her shoes: “You have strength”. Then she added: “I feel that – how you put on my shoes”. Oh WOW – she usually does not speak much to anybody. Many do not like her. She is quiet, always quiet. Another lady, 93 years old, said to me, she has observed me. I would work very busy, and LIFE-BUSY, LIFE-EXPERIENCED. And then she added: “You work with LOVE. WOW again. Others said, they have been waiting for me. one lady prayed sometimes loud, that she praises the Lord that Marion is here….Now it all come to the right order. I am day by day overwhelmed and thankful that I work in a CHRISTIAN senior home. I do not say that colleagues want to search for mistakes… the elderly see with their hearts, with eyes and they have ears. And the LORD is with those who fear Him. This is daily obvious. I love You, LORD !

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