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  1. Marion Karola Yes, I have endured much the same and the societal agencies that reign have ensured all have forsaken me and my child.  The corruption in all want to ensure their secrets remain hidden so they can continue to feed off the innocent. Imagine the light and love of GOD surrounding you, plead the blood of Jesus Christ around all your property, above and below. Your energy field can and will protect you, the all consuming fire of GOD is not breachable! Bind the enemy and ask for the warrior angels of God to drag them before Jesus for early Judgement! Matthew 28:20 I am with you always to the end of the age!
    Bless You Mightily

  2. Yes, GOD hears, His ALL SEEING EYE watches over me. And over those who try to kill me. Please pray, my sisters and brothers, that the hidden tormentors must stop the very evil night warfare against my head and body. They have heated up their DEW / EMP crimes.I am since years a Targeted Individual (TI) and it is predicted in Daniel 12 and throughout the Holy Scriptures, that GOD’s SAINTS will suffer in the last days more than ever before. The criminals try everything to call the victims mentally ill. The rulers of darkness are extremely dangerous and evil. I know GOD hears my prayers (they listen to every word in private rooms and on phones too) and isolation and destruction of the victims is one of the purposes of their END GAMES. Though I care for early and enough sleep after work – they hate when I get rest. It is not easy to recover from these attacks and make it through the days and nights. Soon, my loving and caring sister June, you and all upright sisters and brothers, hopefully we meet very soon at OUR LORD’s SAFE PLACE place together.

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