In the Beginning, God….


In the beginning, God..

“Evolutionists prove these words to be true.

In his studies Louis Pasteur proved that something must come from something.

It is not by accident that we are all here.

The something that all creation came from is God.

In this time of new beginnings, we have been taken back to the root or foundation of our faith.

For those who borrow faith, they been ordered to find their own, at this crucial time.  They are reminded how the Earth was framed and formed, through faith.

In this revelation lies direction.

Coveting other people’s words, prophecies, gifts and talents will only result in confusion weakness and lack of focus.  For this reason there has been a setting apart so My voice is recognizable and distinguished.

The plans I have for you are known only by Me. The anointing I have placed on you will not only incite jealousy in the hearts of others but will also uncover pride within your own heart.

Repent quickly.

Be aware that My Spirit will reveal your heart’s True condition.
Clogged arteries are not able to receive MY life giving flow.
I encourage you to seek Me, MY opinion and My understanding.

No longer stand under your own perceptions and religious doctrines.
Man-made government is not your savior.



Your place of origin does not make you blessed for I have formed the whole world for my purposes.

Pray for a Kingdom View in this life.

Focusing solely on the cares of this world will prevent you from staying relevant in My plans.

The sifting you have been experiencing is not unknown to me as I have allowed satan to tempt you for the revealing of your heart and your need to be closer to Me.

I have tested you, so that your heart will come forth as pure gold.

I have established My Purposes through man for MY Purpose.

This purpose is for the unification of your faith.

Don’t find it strange that MY truth has been spoken through broken clay pots.  The least of these.

Be careful to not over look or discredit small Beginnings.


Out of these insignificant ones will flow rivers of Living Water.

I AM cleansing bitter water for My heart for others.

In doing this you will receive My Spirit in greater way!  Greater faith!

I AM the LORD your God and I will have no other gods before Me.

Revival has already begun in the hearts of many now.

What I seek is unity.  I seek true praise.  I see true worship.  This cannot be tainted with hidden agendas or pious sentiments.

These messages I have placed in your mouth must come from a pure heart …  MY heart.

My heart is a Heart of Love, peace and understanding; It’s also a heart of justice and righteousness.

Let your words be MY words.

Seek Me For Greater wisdom and revelation and know that angels are ministering to you even now.”

In the beginning…. God.


Angela Pope

Angela PopePastor Angela Pope – a daughter of God in Christ Jesus.



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