Introducing People to Jesus Christ

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Introducing People to Jesus Christ

The most common problem we face in our generation, that has been faced for 100’s of years before us also, is that we have learned to introduce people to Jesus Christ, without teaching them to grow into a place of fullness with Him.

They meet Him, but never come to know Him, and as a result, never arrive at being transformed into a place where they are fully filled with His stature, being radiant with His being.

For the better part, we are guilty of making them the followers of religion (teachings fashioned by men about god), rather than being led by the very life of the Holy Spirit within them.

We teach them to build relationships with their Bibles, with Prayer and with “Worship” – but not with the living presence of the Father.

We teach them to follow the scriptures, rather than to be led by the life and the living Spirit within.

A relationship with God is not a relationship with your Bible, or with your Prayer Closet, or with “Church”.

A relationship with Christ is union and communion in the Holy Spirit within the inner-tabernacle of your soul, being flooded by the presence and the love of the holy spirit.

Being directed, taught, guided and led by the very living life of God – the living Spirit of God within.

“God is a God of the living, not the dead.”

Don’t attempt to build a relationship with Him based upon others who once walked with Him and heard from Him……

Live and move in Him in present tense – hear His heart, commune with Him, walk in Him, live through Him, and allow him to form you into a vessel through whom He may live – and in doing so, you will come to know (intimately be acquainted with) him and be fully possessed with His presence!


Holiness (whole-ness or completeness – as a direct fruit of being filled with the spirit) is not a publicly celebrated affair – its a personal joy!

Don’t expect everyone to jump around for joy because you are living full of Christ – just be happy in your own private heart of heart’s, that you are walking Hand in hand with the Master!

Is God Your Priority?

Are you prioritizing as though God’s will really matters to you?

“Somewhere I will find time for Jesus amidst my busy schedule.

Somewhere between the important things like building my career and attending to my family and friends, I will find time to fit Him and His call into my busy life ….”

For many what is a supreme call, is ‘something’ to be done and attended to, ranked down somewhere amidst a busy life and schedule, wherein they “really hope to manage to find the time to do”.

Then Peter said in reply,

“See, we have left everything and followed you.  What then will we have?”  Jesus said to them, “Truly, I say to you, in the new world, when the Son of Man will sit on His glorious throne …. everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands, for my Name’s sake, will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life.  But many who are first will be last, and the last first,”   Matthew 19:27-30.

These things are real!

“There is only one thing worth being concerned about.  Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her,”   Luke 10:42.


~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der HovenJohann van der Hoven is in South Africa.  He has been serving the Lord in ministry since 1991 and has hosted numerous apostolic revival meetings in South Africa and in South America.  He also currently pioneers a organic church planting movement across South Africa.  For more information about him and his ministry visit Fellowship of Believers or Revival.

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