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Is it right to sell God’s prophetic Words? — 2 Comments

  1. As I read your article, I don’t think it is ‘Right’ (per your title) to sell God’s prophetic Word or anything pertaining to God…However it Only Matters what God Thinks. Like most of God’s servants, I do believe it is okay to ask for donations for your labor of love, but if one is not able to do so, you should not allow that to be a reason to not bless someone who is requesting a book, etc.  If your heart is pure, you should not allow money to be your motive in anything pertaining to God. We must be very careful that ‘money’is NEVER our Motive! God’s His Word, the Heart is wicked above all things & no man can know it-Jeremiah 17:9 However God knows the Motives of Our Heart and deals with us accordingly. When we do all that we Do as unto the Lord, HE will Bless It. Hallelujah!

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