It’s Time to Cross that Bridge! — 3 Comments

  1. I had a dream back in 2013, probably around September of that year. I saw myself in front of a very long bridge. It was so long I coudln’t see the end of it.
    I have wondered since then what would that mean.

    I was going through a situation, and still am, I thought this was the bridge. Probably this prophecy is talking to me about I’m not done with the bridge I’m crossing. May God keep guiding me through it all.

    • Dear Paulina,
      The Lord, blessed be His name, allows me to interpret dreams. The long bridge stands for a certain process, to grow spiritually speaking. Now I hear the word hindrance. Something you need to lay down, something you need to let go of? Something that could be related to the word fear? But if you cross that bridge (if you look the problem straight in the eye, like David did with Goliath, sudden change will come! You know what it is what you need to remove, or let go, or surrender to the Lord! Whatever it is, cross the bridge (take action) sudden change will be the result! May He bless you! Mamme Devorah

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