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  1. Jesus did not want demons to identify him because he wanted the people to believe in whom he said he was through his faith and preaching and miracles. He knew when a demon called him out people may be more out to believe the demon.  Jesus wanted to show the people who he was and no Satan. See if Jesus would have allowed Satan to testify to whom he was, it would be a cause later down in history for mankind to say Satan is a deceiver of mankind.  It would be easy for historians to start saying how can we believe Satan he the father of lies. Historians come out and say once again Satan has deceived the world that Jesus was the messiah because 1000 people heard the demons call him the SON OF GOD. So it was more important that Jesus shut them up. He wanted his ministry, miracles and love to show the people whom he was. Jesus wanted people in their minds by what they seen, heard, and witnessed. It is important for Jesus that they put the puzzle together and through the different things he done over and over they would know who he was. In some way I think Jesus perhaps may have been giving us a clue to his return. Did each one of those pigs represent a year Christ would be gone before returning.  This place was up high on a mountain or hill. He saved a man. He cast the demons out of the man into the pigs from the pigs to the abyss he sent them. Was there 2017 pigs were there 2012 pigs were there 2050 pigs? For everything Jesus done it represented something for the future. God says no man knows so I want dig any further. I will leave it at that.
    A lot of people seems to need something to believe in Jesus. This so Garment he might have been buried in?  I don’t care about that cloth. Of course it is a significant piece of history if it was Jesus wrap. I know in my heart Jesus came and died for my sins. His word is enough for me I know without a doubt in my mind the bible is true it is not a fairy tell. People needs to understand that the Flood with God ordering the animals into the boat.  The flood and the boat was a supernatural event as well. So God calmed the animals down. He removed the need for meat from the lion and made him able to take in other foods and be very satisfied. The whale was another supernatural event God did. i think Jonah may have died in the whale belly and was brought back to life. If you will read the scriptures Jonah talked about the bars and he had seen them. He was referring to Hell. He died and went to torment. God raised him from the dead in the belly of the whale and sent the whale to the shore where he spat out Jonah.  People from NDE have told of seeing these bars in hell. Prison bars and people in them as though they were in jail.
    I pray no one goes to hell. I am concerned my sister could be there. She worked at a strip club as a dancer. She left that club and was killed on the way home. I believe in what God says. According to his worrd she was living in sin. Most likely knowing those places she was having sex for money in that place. This is difficult for me to write about. I love her very much but people has to see the truth. My sister left her kids kicking and screaming at my parents home when they were small and vanished sleeping with a different guy every night. She refused to help raise her kids. I really love my sister but the truth is the truth. If i twisted the scriptures to fit my sister death. I have lied and I cannot do that. Many ministers preach people into heaven when they have cheated on their wives. Stole from where they worked. Mistreated their employees under paying them.  well take care now people I leave you with this. There was a physician who did not believe in GOD. He took acute necrotic pancreatitis. He had hours to live. His physicians told him to get his affairs in order. It did not take much convincing since he was a doctor and understood his problem and Grave. Lying there in the ICU bed he begin to think what if that Minster he had spit on, cursed out, and laughed at was right what if this thing was right. A man who died 2000 yrs ago in Israel on a tree (cross) really may have meant something As he laid there he began to become terrified. He wanted now what this preacher had. He ordered they get a hold of the Minister and they advised him he was out of town. He said he had no idea how to pray. Throughout the night his soul would start falling. He would do what he could to stay alert he dared no sleep. He had to have what this minster had that all he said he knew. There was several people dies today who did not know Christ and slipped into eternity most likely loss and undone from GOD.  You can pick pride as your friend. Think about this. You got up this morning went to work. You were lucky you came home. There are Hundreds of people did the same as you done this morning, unfortunately they never made it back home. They are in a funeral home. You can ask God to come into your heart. You can say Dear heavenly father in the name of Jesus Christ I know he died for my sins. Please forgive me ( if you don’t mean this GOD will know) if you do mean it then he will save you. You can get saved from the horse back on a saddle and be saved before you hit the ground all you have to do is ask GOD. That is how quick you can get saved. For some that was all the time they had. However, how many times you been in an accident as the car spinning down road you remembered to pray. I can tell you, you did not remember. Actually most like would take several minutes before you thought of it. Well folks take care.

    • Dear Mike,
      Thanks for your message/comment.  I think we agree on the reason Jesus did not talk with the demons. 
      As for the pigs, no comment, else it would be idle speculation on my part.
      We join you in your prayer that no one goes to hell.  That is also the prayer of the King, but to avoid this, all need to turn and accept Jesus, for at His name, all knees will bow one day and every tongue confess that He is God.
      Blessings, Angus

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