Judas as the plans of the LORD — 2 Comments

  1. Same thing happend to me yesterday, by a kiss of an original Jew – and suddenly he wanted to turn pepperspray against me (God somehow often has hindered him from doing it against me) and then he started to burn dry leaves on a bush while we were standing at the lake for a walk. I think I can say I rescued him from the darkest places (a former drug addict, now high dosed on methadon, and much too much on alcohol) and after 4 months Up`s and Down`s and much other attacks, spiritual as also real attacks – I AM happy, happy and more than happy that I can PRAISE THE LORD again and even in a more powerful and free way.
    The Jew David needs our strong prayers. Thank you for each good word and prayer !

  2. Shalom, sister Catherine.
    Now I understand! I am so blessed by this post because I was trying to make sense of a spiritual attack, and I knew I was not fighting flesh and blood! Yeshua is so faithful and true and is well able to protect us in such a time of betrayal, like this! May Yeshua pour out such a Suddenyly Blessing to you!

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