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  1. I’m also being prompted to remind all of us waiting for His marching orders to KNOW OUR PLACE UNDER HIS HEADSHIP. Just as Jesus couldn’t do anything without the Father, Jn 5:19, His Warrior Bride must have this Heart towards Him; Jn 15:5; Php 2:2-15

    chief (n.)
    c. 1300, “head, leader, captain; the principal or most important part of anything;” from Old French chief “leader, ruler, head” of something, “capital city” (10c., Modern French chef), from Vulgar Latin *capum, from Latin caput “head,” also “leader, chief person; summit; capital city” (from PIE root *kaput- “head”).

  2. Interesting!

    The number 50 has much significance too.

    Refers to the year of Jubilee; i.e. setting free

    50 is also the numerical value for the Hebrew letter NUN. “Nun” means “to sprout, put forth” and in the Syrian is used for “fish” NUN’s ancient pictograph looks like a seed, all of which represents Life. This corresponds to Joshua, the son of Nun; Jesus, The Son of Life. Jn 5:26; Acts 17:28

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