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Prayers Against Leviathan and Marine Spirits — 6 Comments

  1. Oh my God.  Thank you for this teaching.  It sheds so much light on the problems that are occurring in this world right now.  I have 3 daughters and 5 grand daughters who need to hear this teaching.  My first two daughters are not serving the Lord.  My second daughter, Crystal used to serve the Lord, but turned away from Him after her husband gave her 4 children, never supported her financially and finally walked away. The prayers I have prayed today have given me courage.  I now understand what I have been up against, what I am up against and what this world is up against.  I have resolved that I will continue to pray for mankind.

  2. I want this book Soooo bad!!
    I listen to his audio practically every night, his voice soothes me & my soul.
    Great testimonies! 
    God Bless You All :)

    Always Remember, If we are believers. We are always Conquerors in Christ through the blood of Jesus! :)

  3. they, some, literally look like water like creatures (‘sea’ monsters), amphibian fish and reptile-like ….. new-agers talk a lot about the reptilian “aliens” (malevolent spirits / shapeshifters), they are foolish in their pursuit of knowledge —
    a very close physical accurate representation of some of these sea spirits would be the monster from the old tv show “the creature from the black Lagoon”.

  4. I started researching on marine spirits, because I had a terrible dream, I almost divorced my husband and everything just went wrong, but thanks to the Almighty God that we serve I got confirmation.
    I am so thankful and grateful to God………

  5. Several years ago I saw a young lady on TBN that told how the book Prayers that Rout
    Demons had changed her life. I bought the book and every morning when I have my devotion I do confessions and prayers from it. While at service last night at Restoring The Years Ministries in Marietta, GA Pastor Rhonda Travitt talked about Marine Spirits. The only other time I’ve ever heard of spirits under the sea was in this book. Thank God for confirmation. Great message Pastor Travitt. Great book Apostle John Eckhardt . Please buy the book. Please, please visit Restoring The Years Church In Marietta, GA.

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