Life in Christ Jesus


As the enemy’s attacks increase, God remains greater!

Choose whose voice you will believe!  The loud driving one full of fear, is not God’s!

His is the other quiet voice you hear when you:

  1.  Stop,
  2. Relax,
  3. Pray and acknowledge His Power and presence will clear out all other voices.

What is true?


What can hurt you if God is for you?

Nothing and no one.

Whose report will you CHOOSE to believe?

?? ??  ??

Is there a weapon devised by satan or man that can destroy you or God’s plans for your life?


Can you, on your best day, change a man’s heart or opinions of you?


Are we all told that the spirit of fear is not from God and we need to be really ticked off that once again satan pulled a fast one on us?

Most definitely!

Listen folks, there are more people against me than for me, but so what?

I have been lied on cheated, talked about, mistreated, used abused… and so has everyone else!

You gotta get some *moxi and tell your soul to chill out!

Anger is not a bad thing when you got something to be angry about..  Just don’t sin.

Get angry at satan for stealing your peace then take it back.

Put him in his place by focusing on Jesus!

Who He is, what He has done and what He won’t stop doing.  That, my friends, is the honest truth!

Forgive yourself because you had a moment of Cray Cray and look up !

If you are going to fall down please fall forward!

Half the people you know will either tell you how much you don’t deserve or worst, how much you do deserve!

God will show you who is for you.

Drop the other 95% into the “associate” pile and keep it moving!


* Courage

Angela Pope

Angela PopePastor Angela Pope – a daughter of God in Christ Jesus.



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