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  1. Dear sister Deborah !
    Your comfort, your reminding me to GOD`s comfort, is so precious to me in this early morning hour. Your and His words are like balm to my soul. The tentacles of the evil are reaching so far… yesterday again they entered into my private rooms and laid traps, 2 pieces of glass on the floor, and again 1 ceiling lamp not functioning, and other obvious and tricky things to tell me that they are watching me. Yesterday I met a long awaited guest from Florida, an old Swiss-German Jew, and his homeless son who lives here. We were all in good excitement, it was a long and hopefully awaited, this meeting was so pleaded and longed for, and we were even there surrounded by spys. Later I went to work, many miles away from the main town, and so I arrived home late. These psychoterrorists don`t want to have me any joy. On cell phone the installed Kingdom Prophecy page does not work right now… it shows up error 56 something more between the lines.
    My dearest friends from this page – so far away – again I want to thank you for your prayers and all your encouragement. It means VERY much to me !
    Almost no one wants to believe what`s going on – the people are so blind and deaf whats really already going on of total control methods. I know, WE HAVE A HEAVENLY CONTROLLER who is in control of everything, and so also of their doings. We know, His righteousness will come over all who tortured God`s people. This knowledge and truth they can`t steal from us. I do not know if or how they manipulated my food or water, I just know, they already did in the past. Yesterday they wanted me to stumble over a 2 squaremeter big carton board with big handwritten letters on it: “I AM WHAT I AM”, and they laid much trash beside it. And since today`s morning your page does not work right on my cell phone. So I stood up and went to pc. later i will be at work. It is a fearful life, not knowing how far and evil they go next.

    • Dear Marion,
      Thanks for your comment and thanks for your patronage of His Kingdom Prophecy website.
      I don’t know what an “Error 56” is, but I know that a couple of hours ago we had some administrative problems on the website, which tool a few hours to fix.  That was just around the time this article was posted – so there may be a cause and effect there.  Sorry about that.
      We pray it is all working well now for you and your Error 56 has gone!
      Again, thanks for your patronage.  Really appreciated :)
      Blessings in Christ,

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