Living Without Spiritual Discipline


Spiritual Dwarfs

Be assured of this – There will be no spiritual dwarfs in Heaven.

You’re not cruising into Heaven on the account of what Jesus did for you on the cross – You will go there solely because of what He accomplished in you!

You’ll enter that eternal sanctuary, not only based upon His faithfulness in His finished work – But in your faithfulness in allowing Him to complete His work in you!

It will matter to what extent you obeyed Him in allowing Him to transform your life into His Life!

God will not one day test the faithfulness of His Son. He already knows that! He will weigh your faithfulness and mine!

“Work out your salvation with fear and trembling in your time spent on earth,”   Philippians 2:12.

Or …

Allow Him to work out His saving grace in your life by daily transforming you into His Likeness as you yield to His Spirit to do so.  Be very serious about this and live in the fear (reverent awareness of its importance in your life!).

Christian Prayerlessness

Most Christians don’t need prayer.  They need to become obedient and bring their lives under the submission of God’s Word!

Most believers don’t pray, but ask everyone else to pray for their needs.

Most who ask for prayer are themselves living in total opposition to God’s will for their lives, and have taken control over themselves, their decisions, and run they’re lives by their own will and choice and not by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The result is brokenness, despair and ditches they fall into.

Bring your life into subjection to the Holy Spirit and into submission to His will and be led of the Holy Spirit, and you will find that most of what you are seeking prayer in, will vanish!

Living Without Spiritual Discipline

Without spiritual discipline you will never grow in God.

Without being disciplined in the natural, you will never be entrusted with discipline in the Spirit.

“If you have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will entrust you with true riches?”   Luke 16:11.

Shorthanded from Heaven-

If you can’t be faithful in the natural things in your life, and keep your commitments, how will you be trusted to be faithful in God’s things and keep your promises and commitments to Him?


~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der HovenBrother Johann van der Hoven is the visionary leader and founder of Revival To All Nations, based in South Africa.  The LORD led him to establish a five-fold ministry platform from where cities, town, communities and nations would be impacted by the five-fold ministry of ministries collectively unified in the Spirit.  He ministers as a apostolic evangelist/ revivalist within the RTAN network he founded and hosts Healing and Miracle Love Revivals across the nation of South Africa.
Sister Jennifer van der Hoven supports him in his ministry and cause, whilst also being involved in women’s ministry herself.
Brother Johann began his journey in following the LORD in His service in 1990.  For more information about their ministry visit them at Revival To All Nations.

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