LORD, It Is So Beautiful to See YOU Work!


LORD. it is so beautiful to see YOU work!

Never abuse and mistreat the beautiful Holy Spirit and His Authentic work to draw attention to yourself….

It when we truly come to know Him and know that the Anointing is not ‘something’ WE receive to lift us to greatness, no He is not a ‘mantle’ or anything else for that matter.

The Anointing is His very Presence and His Person being expressed through us, that we come to understand, respect and love Him in a way we never could before.

Then, and only then, do we long for others to see and to experience ALL of HIM and none of ourselves!

“He made Himself of no reputation…”


~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der HovenJohann van der Hoven is in South Africa.  He has been serving the Lord in ministry since 1991 and has hosted numerous apostolic revival meetings in South Africa and in South America.  He also currently pioneers a organic church planting movement across South Africa.  For more information about him and his ministry visit Fellowship of Believers or Revival.

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