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  1. Amen and glory to our Heavenly Father that Loves us enough to bring us a word in due season!  I am in rejoicing over the over- abundance of His goodness towards us, His daughters!  His Grace knows no bounds, and His love never fails us.He has proven to be a miracle worker in my life! He has tod me about the changing of the guards in March and I was looking for confirmation. Praise the Lord who knows us and us faithful always to His Word! Alleluia! God bless you.
    Love Angela

  2. Thank you for this confirmation… I have been in my lowest with this temp part time job, as a prep & cook because of my age. I was bold enough to speak to my manager about my hearing for better communication in the work place because all I hear is mumbling. He has made it better and respectful. That I am in peace … I read lip. I never in my life dealt with everybody wearing masks. It a disgrace and it will soon be over – No More Mask.

    I was born & raised as with severe hearing loss. Fast forward, I haven’t had a pt job in 3 yrs in Kansas and God had moved us to Stillwater, OK since, June 12th, of our 25 Wedd Anniversary… I have known I needed to work pt, I’d no idea I was going to be so tired after work & much needed recuperated first before I do as least one or two things …Praise God…before, I turn my self to sleep. There is another person, who I need to speak too boldly but in kindness for I know she doesn’t like me and always seem to be yelling from afar while I am prepping or right next to me … that I squealed.

    Thank you for this prophecy, I know God is with me 24/7 I am at peace in rejoicing in His name.

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