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  1. I am a strong believer that to live in the Spirit and abide in Him means to abide in Christ and live as He intended to…He is all for encouraging and loving one another in pure love not wrong stained motives.  When you live Christ via His Spirit from within you…you will want to help, encourage, others and if it means giving a word of encouagement or any given words during a time of fellowshipping with them, yes! By His Spirit let the fellowshipping happen Amen. Its about Him and each one. Each one is precious in His sight and only the Spirit of God knows what that one person goes through…what opposition and what negative opponents is present in their lives and how much they need the words of Christ, Spirit filled, Life giving words from THE LORD GOD MOST HIGH for He loves them and cares for them and He wants to…we must be willing servants to our Lord and Savior…He helps and encourages us.. why wouldnt we do the same for anyone else? He wants to but are we yielded vessels for Him to use? Lord have mercy on us all and Spirit of the Lord do what You want to do and release the words to all that hunger after You! Here we are, use us, soeak Lord for Your setvants listen and will speak forth Your words. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  2. I aense a hunger for Goda Spirit to fall and abide and I sense a hunger for love to fall and truly operate in pure form between the body of Christ.. I sense a hunger for real personal times of fellowship with the brethren…regular fellowshipping in true pure love….encouraging one another to stand strong…to be love no matter the codt…to live from His Spirit within no matter what you face..to stay peaceful, joyful and overcome. I sense a hunger for Gods words. I SENSE A HUNGER …I HEAR THE CRIES.. I AM REMINDED BY HIS SPIRIT THAT HE SAYS IN HIS WORD THAT HE HAS HEARS THE CRUES OF HIS PEOPLE AND THAT IS WHY HE HAS COME…IT IS TIME..HE WILL DO WHAT HE KNOWS AND WISHES TO DO …BECAUSE THE CRIES AND HUNGER OF HIS PEOPLE ACROSS THE EARTH’S AND SPACE’S GLOBE HAS COME UP BEFORE HIM AND HE HAS HEARD ALL OF IT…AND BECAYSE OF IT..IT HAS BECOME SO MUCH…HE IS GOING TO DO NOW. AMEN LOED GOD ALMIGHTY! AMEN. AMEN. AMEN.

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