My Body Must Become Healthy! — 2 Comments

  1. “LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD” Yes the minerals and the Breath of God is needed to continue to build the blood!  I am writing about the “spiritual warfare” in the human body!!!! You have made me realize I must get this finished.  I have lived out the last 30 years , learning the chemistry of my body and how God now is building The Third Temple.  The four Blood moons was the beginning of building The True Church and Jesus Christ flowing through our blood and spinal fluid.  Go on raw organic food and remember “the pineal gland” is the “spiritual gland” I will help you!  Your sister in Christ, Nancy Holste Fall City Washington

  2. I did not want to continue the public work for Jesus Christ and His body and a helper to the nations like the way I did 7 years long and a little longer. Everything people need to know is said and done. But YOUR message needs to be honoured: Dear sister Catharina: May you prosper greatly (is 1:1 written in the Holy Scriptures) and may your recovery be quickly. Take care of you and stay blessed !

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