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  1. And Yes and Amen for Joel 2. It is confirmed at least 3 times through THE LORD HIMSELF.
    For those who want to read what I was shown before my eyes, not in a dream or a vision, but clear in the sky for everybody to see: Daniel 7:9 and Revelation 1:14. He must be very near, but I can’t and won’t tell day or hour. I am glad that no one can know this as only HE. But we must not be ashamed for watching and waiting, dear sister, dearest brothers and sisters. What the worldly counterfeit “all seeing eye” wanted to copy: They want(ed) to be like GOD. This is one of the biggest sins, and satan, called the old snake, dragon, tempted men to feel like gods. In their arrogancy many turned into devil’s advocates. THEY WANTED TO BE LIKE GOD and robbed from HIM His honour, and so they did against His Saints. Just think about ALL SAINTS DAY on November 1 and what devil made of it, in the night before. Now worldwide a big business game, a show, but for those who refuse that demonic circus Halloween, its one more day of reproaches against their faith and true beliefs.
    Sister, thank you for your articles and time, thank you ALL who are seeking GOD’s holiness, truth, wisdom and purpose. It is 1 hour ’til midnight here in Europe, 10 nights and days before the JEWISH NEW YEAR’S DAY on September 19.

  2. Dear sister Mary, you have an extraordinary understanding and wisdom FROM OUR LORD, given through yhis Holy Spirit in us.
    I cant’t explain what the heavens, what THE LORD HIMSELF, has revealed 3 days ago in the night sky. I was standing in awe of His Presence at my balcony while before me was unfolding Daniel and Revelation. I saw all the faces: lion, lamb, man, eagle, cherubim. I saw the army and the vehicles of THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. In the dawn of the next morning it ws red fire between and behind the same hundreds of “little lamb clouds”. GOD is every day increasing His signs. Since a while every day now huge formations of birds fly directly over my car. Doves, pigeons, and royal King’s Milanes. (I wonder i.e. what pigeons do in mountain area when the lake is far behind) and other bird formations. Or they come to my window in the morning, they come very close now. Everywhere animals await me, or they lay down before me, butterflies surround me pretty much and wonderfully made, as well. It is written, HIS SPIRIT is poured out over ALL flesh, this means, animals included. I do not know if THIS year is the year of Isaiah 61 for us, but we are not the first generation who hopes and believes, it will be the year.

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