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New Beginnings! It is the Season of New Beginnings! — 5 Comments

  1. Maria,
    Just yesterday I began receiving things about the WRISTS and thought it was strange for a moment but wasn’t surprised because that’s just how He often reveals deeper things and mysteries. Then off and on again all day today I was reminded of wrists and have known much more is coming.
    Sweet, sweet confirmation Sister…enjoy!

    • AB Hi, I am greatly blessed by your answer! Yesterday,after I had felt the stabbing pain I thought a lot of it and at the in my own eyes weird thing of listen’ to the pain, but later that day a thought came that maybe I did this because I shall somehow ‘hear’ about it somehow?  and today the Lord confirms it again by ‘hearing’ your words.

      I believe that the pain was a sign of that the Body of Christ soon is if not already finish, on individually as well as the whole body, ready for to arise in Christ, because the crucifixtion of self must come before this.

      Great confirmation from you, thank you and God Bless you!

      • Yes ma’am!  Your belief regarding The Body is DEAD on…BULLSEYE…and now, LIFE!!!  Get ready Sister for we are about to proclaim I HAVE HEARD OF THEE BY THE HEARING OF THE EAR BUT NOW MY EYE SEETH THEE, FACE TO FACE I KNOW EVEN AS I AM KNOWN!  HOLY! HOLY! HOLY!

  2. This IS Amazing. I believe what you have said with all my heart!  Many years ago by faith I trusted that the spirit of the Lord said to me that it was coming. Many scriptures you included and more re : “the New” Including ” though the vision tarry wait for it..It shall come” Since then the wilderness, the circumcision of my heart, the sanctification and as Maria testified above – death to self and the flesh- on and on even tho many times I cried not understanding certain things and reasons, but pressing forth only by God and His help, and words of encouragementso often confirmed by you dear Deborah, Thomas, June and so many others seeking the Lord and His voice sharing words. The Lord our GREAT Shepherd LEADING and His word establishing according to His will. Yes! The time has come!!! Now it springs forth! No weapon formed against it shall prosper! Arise sons and daughters. No longer prey to the old. It is the beginning of the New!! Now! It is here! Hallelujah!!! Praise God. Thank you. Amen

    • “…many times I cried not understanding certain things and reasons, but pressing forth only by God and His help…”

      Hi Anita , when you are in that position you are in the Center of His Will , blessed and in the safest place on earth. Press on!

      Greetings and blessings!

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