New Life!


What the enemy meant for evil God has turned used it for good.

For His beloved scales are leaning in your favor!

What you considered failure, the LORD has called used as lessons.

Let this new mind of Christ be in you!

The Spirit of the LORD is revealing in this hour new life and new strength!

There is life in those once dry bones!  There is a heavenly army that has been dispatched on your behalf!  They are all around you!

You will hear a voice behind you directing you!  You know The Fathers voice!  Go where He sends you.

Your praise has broken through great barriers!  Do not look down and refuse to relive past disappointments.

Small beginnings on earth are in fact huge victories in heaven!

Many have been entrusted with a great mission as as a result of their faithfulness!

In your loneliness you have accessed the unfailing live of Jesus!

You have experience his unfailing Mercy!

You have found greater love for Papa God through it all.

Your turn around has already begun!

As many continue to move past disappointment into praise they will experience even greater peace.

The fear that once had many bound has been shaken off and has been replaced with enduring faith!

Many are exiting the birthing room for their babies have been delivered!

For those who were entrusted as midwives there is much rejoicing in heaven at this time. It is cause to celebrate!  You are not forgotten!

You are priceless 

O barren woman do not hang your head low for great is your reward in heaven.  As a result many Souls have been one to Christ!

Choose to stay in the place of praise and gratitude!  The time is coming when no man can work. Spend no more time dissecting yourself.

The enemy has enjoyed your self-diagnosis!  There is no more time for self-pity!  Rise up above the ashes and declare Victory now in Jesus’ Name!

There is much work to be done!  Step into your purpose with no fear no regret and no shame!

Throw worry behind you as you sing a new song says the LORD of hosts!

There will he marriages as well pregnancies in the spirit and in the natural!

Wayward children will come home.

You have learned how to love like THE FATHER. Jesus has been with them all along.

Let the Spirit of the LORD guide your words as He will put a guard on your heart.

Refuse to judge the ones who have hurt you.

Many have had to forgive you as well.

Recompense is here!

Receive!  Receive!  Receive!

Tomorrow is a very special day!

Stand still and notice your BLESSINGS!!

❤   🙌  HALLELUIA!  🙌   


Angela Pope

Angela PopePastor Angela Pope – a daughter of God in Christ Jesus.



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