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No Church to Visit? — 7 Comments

  1. I became a psychologist rather than a minister because psychologists measure behavioural change (pull factor). Also, I was bored in church (push factor). Later, I learned that the Lord measures heart change – in me. The Lord, not psychology, is first in my life. I have to be careful that psychology doesn’t distract me from the Lord.

  2. Amen this is so true.We all needed this break from programmes and projects and religion.Just to be in His presence is so refreshing .Church is not going to be the same as bfore covid.

  3. Amen!! I’ve been experiencing HIS REST even in times of challenges. I’ve been noticing HIS work in me as well. This time of STAY HOME FOR SAFTY SAKE is what we all needed. Now we need to use it for HIS GLORY and our RELATIONSHIP with HIM.

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