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  1. Dear Deborah

    I read this word on Friday but was only able to respond today and wanted to say thank you I have taken the time to write it down word for word as that way I always seem to get the meaning of it better by doing so.  Through the last few months the Lord led me to a site on the net by Lajun and Valora Cole and their ministry just started is on SUDDENLY and on Good Friday of this year in April I was delivered and set free from depression of over 24 years while watching their program on youtube.  I seen myself in bandages something how Lazrus would have looked and JESUS was untying the bandages off me from the top of my head behind me was like a cave and someone standing by it.  That night I woke up at 2:35PM the song WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE WAKE UP WAS PLAYING IN MY HEAD after hearing that it was like a roller desk of names people who have hurt me that came to my mind that I started forgiving the other the LORD gave me another word LOADEBAR and this morning while in church and praying I asked HIM about packing my suitcases and its like he said no only my little dog goes with me nothing else from LOADEBAR.  I am so looking forward to fun days with joy and laughter for this part of life for me has been barren, desolate and difficult to say the least having been a single mom for 24 years. So I thank you with all of my heart for this beautiful word as it confirms many things from Lajun and Valora and their prophetic words thank you that I can share and blessings Sue

  2. Awesome Words, this day, 7,7,2017 I’m in Great Expectations of the Suddenly, to Appear, for it is a Sure Word, Indeed So, Hallelujah !!! I Receive It !!!!
    Suddenly, Turned into my Favor !  Yes, Removing those Boots, I have worn, in battle, and the garments, with blood, sweat, and tears, Clothing me in All Righteousness, Glory, and Honor, for it is indeed my portion to receive all you have Spoken and promised unto me. Suddenly, when I least expect it. Shouts of Victory, for I have crossed over, in Jesus name, Hallelujah !

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