Political Correctness is killing us!

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If you feel compassion in your heart for a people group, a nation, or even something more general such as music or a field in science, it could be leading you to your calling.

This is often how He begins to release His authority through us.  His authority is for redemption, reconciliation, and restoration, and it is always founded upon love because God is love.

A great mobilization is taking place

A great mobilization is taking place, and things are happening faster, but it will always take faith and patience to inherit the promises.

Those who do not have these will be weeded out by the trials ahead.

Those who have faith and patience will gain more of each through the trials.  This is so that they can be trusted with the unprecedented power that must be released at the end of this age.

Our Goal

As crisis after crisis is now cascading down upon the world, it has never been more critical for us to know the times and be prepared for them.

Our goal is for everyone who comes to not only have much greater clarity about both the times and their purpose in them, but to be emboldened to take the authority they have in Christ to push the darkness back.

The Muslim Brotherhood Strategy against America

We are increasingly vulnerable to terrorist attacks, and the ultimate deterrent is going to come from the people, and not the government. When the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] archives were found, and used in the U.S. Federal Court Trial “The United States vs The Holy Land Foundation” it was revealed that a major part of the MB strategy for destroying America was to use our Constitution and Political Correctness against us.

They have been very effective at crippling us with this strategy.  The present assault on our Law Enforcement is also a part of their strategy, and they have been very successful at using a lot of “useful idiots” (as Marx called them) to do their dirty work.

We’ve all got to become vigilant, and we must cast off the blinding veil of PC as a start.  This enemy can still be defeated, but we must all wake up and get engaged or we will pay an increasingly high price.

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It is compassion that leads us to His purpose.  It is also why we are commanded to love our enemies.

If we will love them, we will be able to help set them free, leading them to salvation, the greatest victory of all over our enemies.

Political Correctness is killing us!

It came out today that the San Bernardino attack could have possibly been avoided if a neighbor that observed suspicious activity at the attacker’s home had not been afraid to report it because she might be called “a racist.”

That is a clear example of how political correctness already killing people, and will kill many more if we do not throw off this terrible deception.

There are a number of critical takeaways we must learn from this latest attack or increasing numbers of people are going to pay the price.  The first is how deadly Political Correctness (PC) has become.

The next is how the couple that carried out this attack in San Bernardino were obviously trained and had a plan that they carried out with deadly precision.

Our federal government doesn’t have a plan, and presently does not even know who the enemy is.

There are many on the local level who do.  The first line of defense is our local law enforcement, and it has been crippled by the attacks on it recently.  This must be reversed.

Our local law enforcement are risking their lives every day for us, and are on the front lines of this battle every bit as much as our armed forces are overseas, and they deserve the same kind of respect, appreciation and encouragement from us.

Protecting the U.S. Constitution

In this episode, Rick Joyner shares his thoughts regarding the drifting away of our government from the constitution.  He believes all of our problems stem from this mistake and the price for it continues to get higher.  We must elect those who will keep the oath to protect the constitution.

Rick joyner


~ Pastor Rick Joyner

Rick JoynerPastor Rick Joyner is the founder and executive director of MorningStar Ministries and Heritage International Ministries and is the Senior Pastor of MorningStar Fellowship Church.

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