Prophetic Warnings: Be Aware in Gatherings! — 5 Comments

  1. Hi. When God speaks to me during prayer meeting, in a form of a professy to certain people in our midst, how do I present it? Do I raise my hand and tell them of what the Holy Spirit reveals to me or should I keep quiet to respect the preacher?

    • Dear Nkhensani if you understand His voice then ask HIM when to speak instantly or when to wait.My experience is that Abba always made it clear when I had to keep it in my heart for a while, when to share it ( written) or when to speak it out loud. He did send me to churches and openly prophecy a Thus saith the Lord message. Pastors received it as a word of the Lord.In one case he send me to an interceding group and after the meeting I had to share what He wanted them to know. The leader of the group confirmed the message and confessed boldly that she had kept her mouth while she knew that the Lord was not pleased. In this case ( the word I share here, I was interceding with my team. Be blessed! You may always contact me at

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