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Prophets Arising and Witchcraft Being Loosed — 2 Comments

  1. This is so true .. I experienced this in the dream the other night. No weapon formed against us will stand and every tongue rising against us in judgement we condemn in Jesus name!!

  2. This is truth ! I love you my sister. I woke up a few minutes ago at 4 AM and saw your words first. You nailed it ! We are under attacks, and The NEW President, too. 2800 people meet in these days at the World Economic Forum. Sex, drugs, Hollywood and pop “stars”, Bill Gates and Business meets every year around the corner here. Joe Biden also… Private jets and helicopters surround and nothing in the media why they meet. Hidden witchcraft is increasing. Thank you for reminding us to Isaiah 17. Thank you for being so bold and clear. With Love, Marion

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