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Reach Beyond the Present — 2 Comments

  1. My brother as new as to reading your post may I ask a question?

    I ask only for understanding what you meant is all?  I so agree with Mark about his seer comment.

    My question is re: where you spoke, “Spiritual Seers Need No Religion, No Holy Book, No Tradition”.

    Beliwve I understand the religion part, and tradition part mostly where you maybe coming from.

    I just believe all God’s children need not just a Holy Book but ‘The Holy Book’.

    God’s Word must go with and balance everything spoken or it should be thrown aside.

    Can you clarify? Thank you so very much. God bless you.

  2. Unlike us, Peter was living through a transition from the Old to the New Covenant.  If we devalue Scripture, the danger is that we too will transition but from the Faith into the New Age.  We only know about Peter, his experiences and his testimony of the Lord, because all this is written down for us in Scripture.  As for being a seer, if one should indeed have this calling, whatever one sees must not contradict the truth in Scripture, so that it may be verified as coming from the Lord.

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