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Run the Race to the End, and Never Let Go! — 4 Comments

  1. This speaks volumes to a German sister… Thank you for this open-hearted report, dear brother. I know that foreigners have done so much GOOD in South Africa. But people forget so easily… Blessings to you and your loved ones !

  2. Wonderful Message!!!
    This is the truth also!
    We will run the race to the end and get the reward.
    Thank you Jesus. For this we have been called, to follow Jesus. Jesus will guide us till the end. In each and every trials we will see His Glory! Amen.

  3. I live in my small world and very small sphere of influence. I needed that word.  I need a friend, but a small compromise here and there and I have had to repent for my gossip.  Then I realized I have been the subject as well.  I was so eager for a friend, who is truly wonderful in so many ways, but this little error of a little gossip here and there.  Sadly, it is true no compromise is the only way.

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