Prayer: for Breaking Power of Schizophrenia & Double-Mindedness — 13 Comments

  1. Please pray for my girlfriend Wynter 17yrs and help her defeat her battle with the spirit of schizophrenia and addiction. She is battling for control of her body. She is saying she is no longer wynter. Please, Lord let wynter be reborn and brought back.

  2. Dear Lord Jesus please heal my son Faisal from mental illness and drug addiction, take away anger and remove bad influences in his life I pray in Jesus holy name Amen

  3. please pray for my son Rewaldo 21 years old has been diagnosed with schizopreniah since 2019 after get involved in cannibus abused for two years.

  4. God bless you prophet of God,pray for my son vivek Sadasing he is suffering from mind problem talking alone smiling when I began to pray for him he became angry because he saw people tormenting him and dead people.since 13 years I am praying for him at first his state was worse.God is good but still struggling.

  5. My son of 28 has been suffering from schizophrenia and depression. This illness manifested in 2008.He stop studying, blinks his eyes and become irritated when attempts are made to stop him from blinking. He could not do anything on his own unless prompted.

  6. My mind is under constant attack. I suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Pray for deliverance against the spirit of witchcraft on me and insanity

    • You should go to Church. Take holy communion. Confess sins, praise Jesus. Get a good CBT practitioner and take the appropriate medication. Also aeek prayer ministry from church people

  7. Please pray for my brother, Wesley to be delivered from the claws of the devil. He is 41 years old, never been married, has no children and because of His years of drug abuse his brain is no longer functioning well. Pray for his salvation, please. In Jesus name

    • please pray for my brother he is 18years old and been going through a battle with mental illness since he was 16. He was stable up until 6 months ago, he’s relapsing. Please dear lord Jesus guide my family in the proper path to his appropriate treatment.

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