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  1. Thank you very much, dear Jo Ellen,
    I think I am just coming to the end of this at times most unpleasant transition for me and my husband as a lot of brothers and sisters, indeed all brothers and sisters must do now. But I see the fire burning very bright and understand why it had to be extremely painful at times. Just this morning I thought should I now really apply to restart to work in my profession? I had to suffer a lot of pain and adverse situations in the past which all drove me out of it. I was still very unsure and thought, let me see whether the Father has sent me a communication today: he has. Your contribution has confirmed what I and my husband had been given in dreams for a longer period of time now. But contrary to the last years I have started to feel immense joy when thinking about the prospect of doing again what I had wanted to do all my life from a very young age onwards.
    I think as we progress on hour path invariably we ascend on a spiral: you always return to a spot you have occupied previously but each time on a higher level, Thank you very much and may God bless you.

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