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Soldier, Keep on Fighting! — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for long-time faithfulness through this newsletter, equipping the Body of Christ through the prophetic, and prayers. God continue to bless you all.

    • Dear Cynthia, we would all need to thank you.

      Dear heart is to you and like readers we write.

      You lift our hands up many times by your faithfulness to come on our comment threads and let us know it has helped you!

      I pray for you today increase and favor in the Lord for you to reach many in your own circle.

      God bless you. Hugs

  2. Armour up saints, now is the time to stand as soldiers of the Lord God, strengthend with the spiritual weapons given in Ephesians 6:10-18.
    The battle is real and with God we win, praise his holy name !
    Thank you Joyce for sharing kingdom revelation.

    • Your welcome and a big hearty amen, Angela!
      By the way, I love your name. That is my daughter’s name, too. Many blessings.

  3. Dear Joyce, We must always remember your timely reminder that “We are fighting from the place of victory”!! I LOVE THAT SOLDIER SONG!! You come up with things I have never heard. IT is a KEEPER!!! GLORY be to GOD! That’s what soldiers do..what a statement..xoxo You are so loved and so wise. I am honored to call you FRIEND. Sandi

    • Yes we are fighting from a place of Victory!
      You know Sandi, as of late I’ve been coming back to a lot of the older songs. I guess you say coming back ‘full circle.’ I love and appreciate you my friend.

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