Speak to Your Mountain! — 2 Comments

  1. Amen. Thank you for your obedience. My faith is very small, but the mountain is ginormous. Thank you again for a heart for God.

  2. Dear sister, I like what you found out: TRUST = BOLDNESS. I did not know this Hebrew meaning before. I can relate to it, for I experienced that when we go ahead, build up, there are MANY who are jealous, envious. This always happened to God`s people, the Old and New Testament tells us how Israelites AND Jesus`followers where hindered and attacked when others smelled or noticed even smallest success. I never was an envious person. I would not dare to block others in their destiny or upcoming. GOD KNOWS I speak the truth. So often when we arose… we were purposely held back, but I do not want to go deeper into the past. We all know hard struggles, and many of our forefathers and foremothers died for their beliefs, were in prison or other captivity. It is a blessing when He lifts us up and takes us out of bondage, but some have to bear terrible hardships. When boldness for CHRIST brings accusations or death – remember what our Saviour suffered… it is not everything “our own guilt”. Latest and finally at His return we will get our rewards, and many will fall down to their faces, regretting what they`ve done against His saints. This is foretold in God`s Word.

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