Strife, Jealousy and Gossip — 2 Comments

  1. Oh… on my little keyboard on phone I could not see that the part of the message I wanted to set a correcture to, that this part still was there… we are under real and spiritual attacks. Brothers and sisters, let us take good care for each other. DO NOT HATE YOUR BRETHREN. Flee the bad spirit of separation !

  2. Dear precious chosen woman with godly wisdom and true intelligence and faith: It is near to midnight in Europe and I read your article after work on cell phone. I know you are a bright shining light into the darkness of false pride worldwide, and “Christian” oppression and jealousy is badly increasing. Somewhere is written (Ecclesiastes) that all is vain, is smoke,
    dust. The “religious” people love gossip, and they don’t matter if they hurt or kill true prophets. Now it comes to the light who they are and what their hearts are inside. What in their HEART is, they carry out with their tongue – or type it with their fingers.
    I go offline, too, dear sister. God bless you abundantly !

    they kill prophets. Nothing new und His sun….

    May Jesus return quickly. You

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