The Bamboo House — 2 Comments

  1. That`s a good summarize !
    One sentence caught my attention more than others: “Don’t go down that path again”. Yesterday when my son and I went out, we immediately were surrounded again by cars with 666 on their number plate, it is all an evil provocation by those who stalk us since 3 1/2 years now. This is sad truth and no illusion or false imagination. They followed us even to the doors at my parents places in another country. Everywhere. We trust in the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY to face 100 % freedom from those who spy and observe us. We need God more than ever before to walk into the New Year. Thank you for your precious work here and for your personal insight of your changes and restructuring.

    • Amazing, I and many “believers in Jesus who walk in truth” are being harassed and followed by Satans imps and minions spirit filled people.  These are tormentors seeking to wear you down but don’t give them the attention they are seeking.  If you have Holy Spirit leading you you have authority and victory…God sends His Angels to war on His behalf for your journey in this world.  So go forth in Jesus Name and bind PS 32:8 within.

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