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The Bride and The Great Awakening — 6 Comments

  1. Few nihts agob I dreamed of a lion iwn one of my old naighbours flat lion was so real and I thought how col to have a lion as a pet . Dreaming on saw tiger as well been quite friendly towards me.

  2. Thank you Father!! Awesome Word!!
    I’m reminded of the prophecy given back around 1960, I can’t remember his name but he had the same dream 3 times in one night. There was a Giant who was tied down with tiny ropes, he was in and out of sleep and there were thousands of minions crawling all over him. He would stir for a bit and the minions would run, and then when he settled back down they’d return. Finally the Giant awoke and busted his ropes and stood up and began to praise and worship the Lord, and the minions were finally gone for good. Then the Giant reached up his hands to Heaven, and the Lord Jesus reached out His Hand toward the Giant, and Power shot forth from Jesus Hands into the Giants. And then the Giant began to break apart into thousands of people who began to run throughout the land releasing the Power of God from their hands to others!!
    It’s truly an incredible and amazing time to be alive!!
    Blessings beautiful lady!! :)

  3. Wow… Goosebumps! I was going to bed right now and as I prayed I asked the Lord for a word of encouragement.  I reminded Him that it’s been 20 YEARS since I first prayed and fully surrendered to God, asking for His will to be done fully in my life.  I said that had I known that 20 years later I’d still be waiting, I’d have never made it.  But here I am!
    Thank you for this right-on-time word!  Glory to God!

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