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The Child Becomes the Bride — 2 Comments

  1. Amen hallelujah ❤️2017 the year of DOUBLE JUBILEE ❤️The year of THE RULING SWORD ❤️WORD become FLESH !! MY FIRE will fall upon ALTARS / HEARTS ♥️ of PRAYER!! Thank you lord that soon our families will know you and the power of the resurrection!! GREAT PECE SHALL be UPON our CHILDRENS CHILDREN !!! Our sons and daughters shall prophecy !!! It is a GRACE REVELATION!! GRACE REVOLUTION!! The GREAT AWAKENING !! GOD WITH US ”
    EMMANUEL!!! Thank you lord that the whole earth shall be filled with your knowledge,, goodness ,, faithfulness and GLORY!!!!! COLLOSIONS chapter 1:27 !!!!!!

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